Neil Findlay Attacks Tory Amendment That Would Wreck Devolution

Neil Findlay MSP hit back against a wrecking amendment from the Tories today that would have left Scottish devolution toothless and ineffective.



The amendment, tabled by Adam Tomkins MSP (a former member of the SSP turned arch-Tory) would have tied the hands of the Scottish parliament, and prevented Holyrood from enacting any legislation that differed from that of Westminster.

Speaking in parliament, Findlay said:

“It is our view that any brexit legislation must take account of and meet the needs of the different nations and regions of the uk and respect the devolution settlement. Any attempts to protect the UK’s domestic market must not be at the expense of devolution or seen as incompatible with it. [This amendment] is unacceptable for two reasons: it places no time limits on the restrictions being imposed, and it seeks to make the restrictions exclusive to Scotland’s government.

“You couldn’t introduce public health levy, plastic bag tax, or a smoking ban. This would go against the spirit of devolution, the interests of our people, and our democracy.”

Adam Tomkins claimed that Mr Findlay had not understood the amendment, and left himself wide open as Findlay shot back:

“I absolute do understand the amendment, but what Mr Tomkins doesn’t seem to understand is that none of those initiatives could happen in the future.”

“Mr Tomkins, when he was in one of the many other political parties that he’s been in over the years, I’m sure agreed with devolution at those times - but now he’s in the Tory Party he just does what his paymasters tell him!”

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