Neo-Nazi pleads guilty to Labour MP murder plot

An alleged member of the banned neo-Nazi ‘National Action’ group has pled guilty to charged of planning to murder Labour MP Rosie Cooper, in an apparent attempt to emulate the infamous killing of Jo Cox in 2016.

Jack Renshaw, 23, from Lancashire pleaded guilty to terrorism charges, after purchasing a machete with the aim of murdering the MP.

He is on trial along with five other men who all deny being members of the proscribed fascist outfit.

Prosecutor, Duncan Atkinson QC, told the court: "These defendants are not being prosecuted for their racist or neo-Nazi beliefs, however repulsive they may be, but for their participation in a banned organisation that sought actively through fear, intimidation and the threat of violence rather than through free speech and democracy to shape society in accordance with those beliefs."

National Action was banned in 2016 after it supported the murder of Labour MP for Batley and Spen, Jo Cox by far-right activist, Thomas Mair. However, Police believe that members of the group have attempted to continue to run the organisation through a series of front groups, including ‘Scottish Dawn’ and ‘NS131’.

Antiracism charity, Hope not Hate has warned that British far-right activity has been on the rise in the aftermath of the Brexit vote.

In Scotland, far-right activists in the ‘Scottish Defense League’ have planned a demonstration in Glasgow’s George’s Square in support of former EDL leader, Tommy Robinson, who was arrested after breaching a court order to prevent a child grooming case from collapsing after Robinson attempted to interfere with the proceedings twice.

Glaswegian anti-fascist groups, including Unite Against Fascist have called for a counter-demonstration against the July march.

UAF said that the SDL was attempting to use the Robinson case to "revive their ailing numbers in Scotland”.

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