NHS Tayside Scandal Deepens As £6 Million Pinched From Charity Pot

Reporting in the Herald has revealed that the Tayside NHS scandal is even worse than originally feared, as it emerged that £6 million was taken from the charity fund to cover general expenditure.

The scandal, which broke out when it was revealed that £2 million had been taken from the charity pot to pay for routine maintenance of the IT system, has spiralled further as the state of NHS underfunding is revealed, with widespread calls for Health Secretary Shona Robison’s resignation. There are reports that other health boards may have used similar creative accounting procedures.

The CEO responsible has also been placed on sick leave, and so is receiving full pay and a possible compensatory redundancy package. She was signed off sick just 24 hours after she was stripped of her ‘accountable officer status’, which means disciplinary procedures cannot take place until she returns to work.

Questions are also being raised about a missing £900k which health bosses cannot account for. There is a a full audit due on Tuesday.

Commenting on reports, Labour Health spokesperson Anas Sarwar said:

“This is a shocking revelation that shows the scandal at NHS Tayside runs far deeper than SNP Health Secretary Shona Robison was willing to admit.

“Patients and the public were rightly shocked when it emerged more than £2million of charitable donations at NHS Tayside were used to fund a back office computer system. It now appears that the figure was in fact much larger than this and shows the scale of the financial mismanagement by the SNP Government.

“The public have lost confidence in Shona Robison and NHS Tayside. That’s why we need urgent and transparent answers on how much money was transferred, what it was used for and how much has been paid back.

“This shows that Shona Robison has lost control of her brief - she doesn’t even know what is going on in her own backyard.

“Every day we have more evidence that she is out of her depth, out of ideas and out of time. Every day it becomes clearer that the public has lost confidence in Shona Robison and she is not capable of rebuilding it.”

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