No 10 Blames Labour for Windrush Scandal, Then Backtracks After May Misleads Parliament

Theresa May and the government have been forced to backtrack today after suggesting that Labour was responsible for the destruction of key documents, after attempting to pass the blame on to civil servants earlier in the day.

In a heated back and forth with Jeremy Corbyn, Theresa May insinuated that the landing papers’ destruction had been decided before the Conservatives entered office. Braying Tories greeted this revelation. There was only one problem - it was a complete lie.

Aa point of order by Dawn Butler MP revealed that that the insinuation was baseless: the decision to destroy the documents was approved by the home office when Theresa May was home secretary, though the Prime Minister continues to insist that she had no personal involvement in the process.

A No.10 spokesman insisted that:

“In October 2010, the operational decision was taken in relation to the specific registry slips themselves. The Prime Minister was not involved in this process, this was an operational decision taken by UKBA.”

This follows earlier blame shifting by Culture secretary Matt Hancock, in which implied that the deportations were the fault of civil servants.

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