No Rest For National Museum Workers

Workers at the National Museum of Scotland have won the Frank Maguire Award for Health and Safety for their campaign to secure adequate seating for staff - but the Museum bosses aren’t relenting.

The award, which was presented by Nicola Sturgeon yesterday at the STUC, is a wake up call to the intransigent management. Their union PCS have reported an alarming rise in sickness and absences from staff forced to stand all day.

Their campaign, which has been in the offing for several years, has received widespread support, with over 80% of staff members signing a petition in favour of staff seating. National Museum bosses have refused to even discuss the matter. Let us hope that the First Minister's support forces management to realise that they are alone in opposing basic amenities for their employees.

Labour MSP, Neil Findlay said that the “confrontational” approach by National Museum would damage the reputation of one of Scotland’s top tourist sites.

PCS National Officer, Lynn Henderson said:

“The presentation of this award to union reps in the National Museum of Scotland is a well-deserved commendation of the grassroots PCS campaign for designated and appropriate staff seating.

“The fact that it is presented by the First Minister should be a warning shot to National Museum of Scotland management that we have support for this campaign from every quarter of Scottish society.

“For a Scottish public sector workplace, it’s frankly disgraceful that when staff ask for appropriate seating, they are refused. It is a disgrace that when they ask even to discuss the possibility of appropriate seating, their representations are rejected.

“But our union has shown that a vast majority of workers care strongly about this issue and we will not be dissuaded by a little hostility from management.

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