Pam Duncan-Glancy and Gordon Munro reselected as Labour candidates

As Scottish Labour’s selection race heats up, two results from Scotland’s biggest cities have demonstrated the power of incumbency as both Pam Duncan-Glancy in Glasgow North and Gordon Munro in Edinburgh North and Leith have been reselected by their local parties.

Duncan-Glancy, a healthcare worker and disability rights activist ran a strong campaign in Glasgow North in 2017, which saw the SNP majority fall by 9000 votes and an 11% swing to Labour. Her opponent was Agnes Tolmie, a trade unionist and local campaigner.

The hustings was good natured and insightful, with strong questions to both candidates dominated by policy. After the result was announced, Duncan-Glancy said that she was “officially putting Patrick Grady on notice.”

Munro, who is a local councillor and a left wing veteran in the party, saw the SNP’s majority fall from just under 6000 to 1625, on a 3.3% swing. His opponents for the selection included another councillor Marion Donaldson, and youth activist Frances Carmel Hoole. The selection meeting had a very high turnout, with hundreds in attendance.

Munro told the Robin last week that he was proud to stand in 2017, and that his campaign will be based on Labour’s popular manifesto: “Our manifesto ‘ For the Many not the few ‘ is a platform on which we build support and deliver in Government, as the change the many need - to prevent the tyranny of the few.’

What we have seen again and again in these selections, not just in Scotland but throughout the country, is a very strong performance by incumbents. We will have to wait to see if this trend continues.

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