Patricia Ferguson selected in Glasgow North West

Patricia Ferguson, the former MSP for Maryhill and Springburn, has been selected as the Labour candidate to contest the Westminster seat of Glasgow North West.

The seat was contested at last year’s general election by Michael Shanks, and the SNP MP Carol Monaghan has a majority of 2651 that Labour will need to overturn. 

Ferguson was supported by the CWU, Unison, and GMB. 

In a statement last week, Patricia Ferguson told The Red Robin she was running to end “the hurt and damage inflicted by Tory austerity.”

“I could reel off hundreds of statistics – reflecting the appalling rise in precarious and insecure work, a sky-rocketing cost of living and public services under increasing, and growing pressure.

“I could point to the examples of hurt, anger and suffering caused by the hand-maidens of Tory austerity in Scotland, the SNP. The doubling of childcare costs in Glasgow, public services starved of vital resources and a Scottish Government unwilling to intervene for the long-term health of the economy.”

Ferguson’s principal competitor in the seat was Rutherglen Councillor Martin Lennon, who won a council seat off the SNP last November.


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