PM could remove whip from Winston Churchill's grandson as Tory MPs set out to rebel

Boris Johnson may be set to remove the whip from Sir Nicholas Somes, Grandson of war-time leader Winston Churchill after the Tory grandee announced he would rebel.

The Prime Minister is reported to have warned MPs that they will be deselected if they vote against the government in today's crucial vote. 

A cross-party bill led by Tony Benn seeks to remove the possibility of a no deal Brexit on October 31, and would require Johnson to request an extension.

Rebel Tory MPs including Sir Nicholas, former justice minister David Gauke and former Chancellor Philip Hammond met with Boris Johnson this morning, but were said to be "unconvinced" by him.

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At least Tory 11 MPs have confirmed they will vote against the government, meaning it is possible that Boris Johnson could face a narrow defeat.

Number 10 has indicated they will attempt to call a general election if they do lose the vote. 


Photo: Annika Haas (EU2017EE)




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