PMQs: Boris Johnson faces off with Corbyn for first time

Fresh from losing his majority, the Prime Minister faced Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in the Commons for the first time.

In a rowdy chamber, MPs burst into applause as Labour MP Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi demanded the PM apologise for "racist" comments he made referring to Muslim women as "letter boxes".

On Brexit, Johnson refused to give details on his negiotiating strategy, saying "you don't negotiate in public."

However Jeremy Corbyn fired back saying he failed to see how [Johnson] could undermine negotiations "when no negotiations are taking place".

Corbyn accused the government of "hiding the facts" and demanded the so-called Operstion Yellowhammer documents are published in full. 

He also said Johnson should reveal what assesment has been made of the impact of no deal on poverty levels in the UK. 

The PM had "no plan, no authority and no majority" Corbyn said to uproar from MPs. 

Journalist Ian Dunt, who has been critical of Corbyn in the past, said it was his best PMQs performance to date. 

Picture: EU2017EE/Flickr

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