Poll: Scottish Voters Want Public Services Prioritised Over Independence

Exclusive polling conducted on behalf of the Red Robin and Unite the Union by Survation has asked Scots what policies they want prioritised - and public services have come out on top.

Public services overwhelmingly came out on top, with 73% wanting public services prioritised. Among SNP voters its was an incredible 84%. Meanwhile only 36% of people want the Scottish Government to prioritise independence - even among SNP voters, public services score higher.

To what extent do you agree that the following should be a priority for the Scottish Government?

Improving public services

Agree - 73% (SNP voters - 84%)

Neither agree nor disagree - 15%

Disagree 8%

Don’t know - 4%

Securing independence for Scotland

Agree - 36% (SNP voters - 71%)

Neither agree nor disagree - 18%

Disagree 41%

Don’t know - 5%

With the NHS and education currently facing a growing crisis in funding and performance, these figures may worry the Scottish government - especially given the priorities of their core vote.

We also asked SNP voters what their top reasons for voting SNP were. 

What would say are your top reasons for voting SNP?

Here’s how many of them picked each issue as number one:

Policy decisions that affect Scotland should be made in Scotland - 36%

Policies on Scottish Independence - 22%

Nicola Sturgeon’s Leadership - 11%

Policies about the effects of Brexit on Scotland - 8%

Policies on the economy - 8%

Policies that affect the local community - 5%

Policies on public services - 4%

Policies on taxation - 4%

Policies about the environment - 3%

And here’s how many got into SNP voters’ top three:

Policy decisions that affect Scotland should be made in Scotland - 73%

Policies on Scottish Independence - 54%

Policies about the effects of Brexit on Scotland - 31%

Nicola Sturgeon’s Leadership - 30%

Policies on the economy - 28%

Policies that affect the local community - 28%

Policies on public services - 26%

Policies on taxation - 17%

Policies about the environment - 12%

For Scottish Labour, this shows where the SNP are weakest among their supporters. Public services (which they want prioritised), taxation, the environment, and the economy, which is currently growing far slower than the UK average.

Responding to the polling, Richard Leonard said: “The reality is the SNP for over ten years now have relegated public services and the Scottish economy below their own constitutional ends. 

“That’s why we are experiencing a crisis in our NHS and a crisis of confidence in the Health Secretary, while the attainment gap between the richest and the poorest pupils in our schools remains as wide as ever.

“The SNP have taken Tory austerity and driven it down in to our communities. Only Labour would end these cuts and deliver the investment our public services and the workers who deliver them need.

“In 2014 some people believed that leaving the UK would deliver public services- but we now know it would have meant huge cuts to our schools and hospitals. The way to properly fund world class public services is to ensure that the richest people and biggest corporations simply pay their fair share - especially on unearned wealth.”

You can read the full tables here.

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