Poll shows huge drop in SNP support, while Labour level with Tories

A stark new poll for the Daily Record shows support for the Scottish National Party at the lowest since January, while Labour would gain five seats at Holyrood.

The findings show the SNP would lose up to 11 seats at the Scottish Parliament, and even with the support of the Scottish Green party, there would be no pro-independence majority at Holyrood.

Overall, the SNP would have 52 seats, while both the Tories and Labour would have 29 each. The Scottish Liberal Democrats would secure 10, while the Greens are projected to win 9.

Labour's Neil Findlay said the findings showed a resurgence in support for Labour under Richard Leonard.

“Only Labour is offering real change for Scotland’s communities. Following on from the hard fought by-election win in Coatbridge South, it’s clear that Labour’s message of hope and transformation under Richard Leonard is starting to cut through to people." he said.

“Brexit has made clear how difficult it is to leave one political and economic union. The people of Scotland are clearly unconvinced that the answer is to leave a more important one."

“Meanwhile, after eleven years of SNP government we have an economy that doesn’t work for the many and public services that are badly underfunded. On schools and hospitals the SNP are failing on the basics that people want from a Scottish government. In the months to come Scottish Labour will outline a vision of real change for our country, support for our public services and a plan to make our economy work for the many, not the few.”

The survey also found support for independence has failed to advance from 2014, with 45 percent of those polled supporting an independent Scotland.

SNP deputy leader, Keith Brown, denied that the poll was worrying for the government: “The SNP, with our record of building a better Scotland and a message of hope for the future, holds a commanding 12-point lead over the nearest opposition."

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