Polling shows British public critical of Trump visit

In polling commissioned by the Independent newspaper has revealed that the British public is uneasy about President Trump’s visit to the United Kingdom, and think that Theresa May should take a stronger stance by criticising the leader of the United States.

39 per cent of those surveyed said May should take a tougher stance, while just 10 per cent want her to be more friendly towards Mr Trump.

Trumps visit will take place against the backdrop of widespread protests, with a giant blimp depicting Trump as a “giant orange baby” due to fly over London during the visit.

According to the government’s plan, Trump has been invited to a private dinner at Winston Churchill’s former home of  Blenheim Palace, then travelling to Chequers for talks with the Prime Minister.

He will later meet the Queen at Windsor Castle before travelling onto Scotland, in order to visit his golf course in the country.

Opposition politicians, including Jeremy Corbyn have called on the Prime Minister to withdraw the invitation, while Scottish Labour leader, Richard Leonard has hit out over the visit.

“It is my view, and that of the Scottish Labour Party, that someone who holds such misogynist, racist and anti-trade union views, not to mention his dangerous approach to foreign policy, and someone who rejects the Paris Climate Change Agreement, should not be given the ‘red carpet’ treatment.” he said.

Protests, under the banner of Scotland United Against Trump, are due to take place this Friday in Glasgow and Saturday in Edinburgh.


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