Queen's Speech: Tories set out 'farcical', uncosted pre-election wish list

Boris Johnson's government has set out a shopping list of proposals including tougher prison sentences, but oppostion parties dubbed it a "pre-election broadcast".

Some 26 bills were set out in the Queen's Speech, including controversial plans to require voters to show photographic ID before they are allowed to vote. Opposition parties say it is a "cynical" attempt to disenfranchise the poorest who traditionally do not vote Conservative. 

Brexit also featured heavily, with the government re-stating it's aim to leave the EU by 31 October. 

However with no majority, Johnson's government may find it nearly impossible to get its plans through parliament. 

The PM has already set records over the number of crucial votes he has lost in Commons, with backbenchers regularly taking control out of his hands. 

Labour's Diane Abbot said: “It is hypocritical for the Tories to set out these plans when they were the ones who imposed cuts and let crime soar in the first place. Everything was cut, from schools, to the NHS, to the police, to mental health services. They all had terrible consequences.

“This Queen’s Speech is farcical. It is just an uncosted wish list which the government has no intention and no means to deliver, and nothing more than a pre-election party political broadcast."

Image: House of Lords/Roger Harris





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