Raab sidelined as May takes direct control over Brexit

Theresa May has taken control over Brexit negotiations, in a last minute push to secure a deal before the looming deadline this Autumn.

The Brexit Minister Dominic Raab, who was only appointed following the resignation of David Davis, has made little impression. In fact, he missed his first day of negotiations to attend drinks at a right wing think tank.  

Jenny Chapman, Labour’s Shadow Brexit Minister added that Raab had been “sidelined by the Prime Minister before he has even had the chance to get his feet under the table.”

While direct negotiations have been taken over by the PM, Raab has been forced to make preparations in the event of a disastrous no deal situation. He confirmed yesterday that the government is now stockpiling to ensure there is ‘adequate food’, while health secretary Matt Hancock has been trying to do the same for medicine.

Questions will surely be asked about whether a scenario that sees the government stockpiling food and medicine should even be conceivable. The National Institute of Economic and Social Research has calculated the cost of No Deal as around £2000 per person compared to a ‘soft Brexit’. That’s a loss of around 6 per cent of GDP over the next decade.

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