Rail union nominates Matt Kerr in Scottish Labour deputy race

The TSSA has nominated left-winger Matt Kerr to become Scottish Labour’s next deputy leader.

Matt Kerr, a councillor, is running against veteran MSP Jackie Baillie who has served in parliament since 1999.

Kerr, a former postal worker, has attracted support from several trade unions, including the CWU and Unite.

Manuel Cortes, TSSA general secretary, said: “As a postal worker, CWU activist and Councillor Matt recognises that politics doesn’t just happen in political chambers, it happens in every community and workplace. We must become the party of grassroots community activism once more and Matt’s track record shows he can take this forward.

“Matt has led efforts at Glasgow City Council over the recent years to bring our buses back into public ownership and is unequivocal in his support for public ownership of rail.

“It is essential that Scottish Labour has a Deputy who will work with the Leader to revitalise our party and win Scotland back for Labour. Matt Kerr is the candidate who can deliver this.

“Matt embodies a new generation of young energetic Labour activists. It is he, and fresh faces like him that will help the Labour party to recover the trust and support of the Scottish people and move forward.”

If successful, Kerr would be the first councillor to become deputy leader of Scottish Labour.


image: Rwendland

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