Rail union warns of further weekend of chaos on Scotland's railways

TSSA Leader Manuel Cortes has warned Scots could face further rail chaos this weekend as trains are cancelled due to industrial action.

The warning comes after thousands of angry passengers were subjected to severe delays, cancellations and "dangerous overcrowding" last Saturday as they travelled home from the last weekend of the fringe in Edinburgh.


The rail firm, which has come under repeated criticism for its operation of Scotland's rail service, said it did all it could but admitted this wasn't enough.

Now TSSA leader Manuel Cortes has said passengers could see similar scenes this weekend due to industrial action.

"We have had reports this morning from our members about two turns by train drivers in Edinburgh remaining uncovered which has already caused the cancellation of 5 return journeys. In addition, there is also a turn at Queen Street in Glasgow facing the same fate.

“These cancellations aren't down to acts of God. It's ScotRail's ongoing incompetence which is to blame as they simply haven't recruited enough train drivers. It's also clear that our Train Driver Managers’ refusal to drive trains is hurting. Our union remains willing to meet ScotRail any time, any place, anywhere to resolve this dispute.

“Transport Secretary [Michael] Matheson must call an urgent inquiry into the ongoings at ScotRail. Their incompetence has gone on for far too long and Scottish rail passengers deserve far better than this. Matheson should bite the bullet by bringing these services back into public ownership," he said.

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