Revealed: Poll gaffe shows 'brutal' blow for independence campaign

Data obtained by ex-SNP deputy leader Angus Robertson's pro-independence polling outfit has shown low support for independence.

Robertson's official write up failed to mention the findings, and the full tables were removed by Survation shortly after they were published.

The data will be a blow for the Yes campaign who have hoped Brexit could push independence over the line in a future referendum. 

Only 24 per cent of respondents told the polling company Survation that they completely supported Scottish Independence, compared to 40 per cent saying they were totally against. 

This is the first poll released by Robertson's new crowdfunded polling initiative, and the groups official write up of its results failed to mention the poor results for Yes and focussed on the positive aspects for independence supporters. 

A Labour source responded to the poll: "No wonder this nationalist polling organisation is trying bury bad news, these results are brutal.

“More and more Scots know the only way to end austerity is by putting Jeremy Corbyn in Number 10 and Richard Leonard in Bute House.”

You can download the full polling results here.


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