Richard Leonard Backs Jeremy Corbyn In Opposing Rush To War

Richard Leonard has backed Jeremy Corbyn’s opposition to enter into military action in Syria, and has supported the call for a parliamentary vote before any decision is taken.

In a statement posted on Facebook and Twitter, the Scottish Labour leader set out his stall:

“As Theresa May meets her Cabinet to discuss Syria today, she should remember that she has no majority and any decision on military action should be taken by Parliament. Political avenues should be exhausted before the UK takes such a serious step with untold consequences.”

“We should not be rushed into military action at the behest of Donald Trump.”

Popular sentiment is with the Labour leader too, as YouGov polling today has shown that voters are opposed to military intervention by a margin of two to one. The British public is clearly war weary after repeated military interventions in the past two decades.

Donald Trump has also appeared to row back from immediate action, or at the very least has attempted to muddy the waters on Twitter:

Though with this ‘very smart’ President, it’s difficult to tell what he’s thinking. His hot and cold attitude towards intervention may stay the hand of both the British and the French governments.

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