Richard Leonard Sets Out Plan To Control Rents

Richard Leonard will announce Scottish Labour’s plan to end the housing crisis in a speech later today.

This will includes one of the most radical pieces of rent control legislation ever proposed in the UK - which Scottish Labour intends to bring forward to Holyrood. Leonard will say:

“I can announce today that in Parliament we have begun the work to introduce a new Rent Restrictions Act - a Mary Barbour law to protect tenants and to control rents exactly as I pledged to do in my leadership campaign.

The Mary Barbour law will regulate the private rented sector to ensure that no one is forced to rent a home that pushes them into poverty or falls below the standards needed to protect their physical and mental health and well-being.”

This Mary Barbour law would:

  • Institute a points based system to allocate fair rents
  • Link rents to average wages to ensure affordability
  • Give tenants the right to file rent reduction claims

Watch our video to find out more:

Leonard will also set out plans to redirect local government pension funds into social housing. He will also emphasise Scottish Labour’s plans to let councils build directly rather than just Housing Associations.

“Pension fund investments seek low risk investments with a reasonable return, making them perfect for long-term finance projects. Scottish local government pension funds hold forty two billion pounds worth of assets. So investment in public housing is a logical next step.

What is needed then is the political will to secure the economic transformation that Scotland needs.”

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