Salmond legal fund 'dragging Scotland into the gutter'

On Wednsday Salmond resigned his membership of the Scottish National Party, but now SNP Members of Parliament have helped fund his crowdfunder to take the Scottish government to court over its sexual harassment investigation.

Despite efforts by the SNP to draw a line under the furore, SNP MPs have become embroiled in a funding effort by Salmond to pay for his legal fees for taking the Scottish government to court over their handling of the sexual harassment allegations against him. 

One anonymous SNP MP confirmed to the Guardian that they had donated to the fund, while Angus MacNeil posted his support of the initiative online.

Labour's Rhoda Grant labeled the crowdfunder to pay Salmond's legal fees "unbelievable", and accused Salmond of "dragging Scotland into the gutter".

“That an independently wealthy man with his celebrity and political power is to raise legal fees through a crowdfunder for a case ultimately linked to sexual harassment is unbelievable."

“It suggests that he is sending a signal to those who have made allegations that he has the upper hand." she said.

“Decent people will rightly be furious that he is to raise money to take the Scottish Government to court. Alex Salmond is abusing his power, and dragging Scotland into the gutter."

Meanwhile senior Civil Service trade unionists have criticised Salmond for attacking the integrity and neutrality of the civil service.

Writing in the Times, Dave Penman, the general secretary of the FDA said that “Amid outlandish MI5 conspiracy theories are responses from politicians echoing his witch-hunt narrative – gutter politics at its very worst,”.

“While accused of sexual harassment, a claim he denies, Mr Salmond attacks and threatens with legal action the individual tasked with investigating those complaints."

“As a former first minister, he knows Ms Evans is duty-bound to investigate complaints. Not only is this nasty, vindictive and deliberate, it also has broader consequences."

“What message does this send to those tasked with investigating complaints, let alone the real victims here? Mr Salmond’s actions undermine the integrity and impartiality of the civil service, thereby damaging the Scottish government itself. Clearly, it’s a price he believes is worth paying.”

Lynn Henderson of the Scottish national officer for the PCS, concurred.

“While we can’t comment on the detail because there’s a legal process under way, I want to reiterate that all workers have the right to go to work without fear of harassment be it sexual, or otherwise." she said.

“Any kind of behaviour that undermines these basic rights of working people will not be tolerated by our unions.”

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