Scotland could 'become independent without second IndyRef' - SNP MP

Joanna Cherry suggested that Scotland could leave the UK without a vote, through a "democratic event" such as a general election.

Speaking at a fringe event, Cherry told SNP activists: "Our aim is to make Scotland an independent country, but I would remind you that Scotland voted against that in 2014."

"There has to be a democratic event, and I choose those words wisely, it doesn't have to necessarily be a referendum, it could be something else, like a general election. But there has to be a democratic event." she added.

She also suggested that the SNP could ask Labour to give the Scottish Government the power to call another independence vote as the price for a supply and confidence arrangement.

"The chances of a general election could be used to our advantage because I think we would have a good chance of getting the Tories out of office. Labour will probably not win with an outright majority but they might be looking to a large - and a larger number than at present - of SNP MPs for support."

"We would ask for a high price for support, such Stewart McDonald our defence spokesman is talking about getting rid of Trident, I've talked about saying a section 30 order would be the price of our support."

Responding to the remarks, Labour's Neil Findlay said: "As Jeremy Corbyn made clear during the General Election, we’re not doing deals or coalitions with anyone. We are campaigning for a Labour government.

“A General Election is about choosing the UK government,for senior SNP MPs to claim it could be used as a proxy for an independence referendum is false,dangerous and treating the electorate with contempt.”

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