Scotland needs Democratic Socialism, not Nationalism

Speaking at The World Transformed conference, Richard Leonard sought to make his case for Scotland within a socialist UK.

In his address, Leonard outlined the benefits of a Labour government at a national level for Scotland, including £70bn in additional investment in the country over a decade.
Speaking ahead of the event, Leonard said: “Labour is the biggest political movement in Europe, and we have energised people across the UK with our clear anti-austerity policies. I want that movement to understand only radical Labour governments within the UK deliver the real change that communities in Scotland need."
“Scottish Labour is prepared to intervene, to plan and not simply rely on voluntary business pledges and Adam Smith’s invisible hand of the market but instead start to shift power from the market to working people."
“That means a Scottish industrial strategy, with forward planning, economic planning and also environmental planning to tackle humanity’s greatest challenge - climate change."
“We need democracy in our economy, not just when things go wrong, but to help things go right in the first place."
In his speech, the Labour leader also plans to flesh out his proposals for a truly re-distributive Labour government in Holyrood, setting out the party's interventionist industrial strategy and co-operative 'Macora law', which would see workers given the right to buy out their companies.
“We need to look afresh at who owns the Scottish economy and why we are so vulnerable to external shocks - and why so much wealth leaks out from our country, we should have a Marcora style law which would give workers, the preferential right to buy a business when it is put up for sale or facing closure."
“Working people are the creators of the wealth – they should have new rights to own the wealth that they create." he said.
“That is the kind of radical and real change that Labour stands for in Scotland. Democratic socialism, not nationalism, is what will transform Scotland into a country that works for the many of the few."

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