ScotRail the most subsidised rail franchise across the UK

The Scottish government has come under fire after figures showed ScotRail received £307m in the last financial year, despite failing key performance tests and having it's contractual obligations waived.

Last year cancellations rose by 59 per cent, and overcapacity increased by 27 per cent, despite ScotRail being given the largest subsidy of any of its competitors.

Colin Smyth, Labour's Transport spokesperson condemned the "growing pile of taxpayer's money" that ScotRail was in receipt of, despite failing to deliver for taxpayers.

“This news comes just days after Scottish Labour revealed the SNP Ministers have secretly allowed ScotRail to miss its performance target from now until June next year with no punishment." he said.

“Enough is enough, passengers deserve better than the contempt being showed to them by ScotRail and the SNP."

“It’s time for the SNP to listen to Scottish Labour and use the upcoming break in the ScotRail franchise agreement to take Scotland’s railways back into public hands.”

A spokesperson for Transport Scotland said: “The report does not break down the various increases for fixed track access which went up significantly in 2017/18 and explain the increased payment."

“The ORR report merely reflects previously published data on franchise payments, something we have been open and transparent about."

“It also highlights our commitment to financing improvements for passengers with a raft of new services, trains and improvements in the pipeline."

“That said, Abellio ScotRail know that they must do better, which is why ministers hold them to account within the terms of the franchise agreement, including the ability to end the contract if terms are not met and it is in the public interest to do so.”

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