Scots did 115 million hours in unpaid overtime last year

New analysis by Scottish Labour has found that on average, Scots work almost 8 hours extra a week unpaid. That would imply 115 million hours of unpaid overtime carried out by Scottish workers.

Research by the TUC earlier this year found that unpaid overtime throughout the UK could be worth up to £31 billion in uncompensated wages, or over £6000 per worker per year.

Public sector workers are particularly likely to work unpaid. Of the responses collected by the Scottish Parliamentary Information Centre (SPICe), public sector workers did over 35 per cent of all unpaid overtime, despite representing less than a quarter of the entire workforce.

Scottish Labour’s Economy spokesperson Jackie Baillie MSP said:

“These figures reveal that we desperately need to rebalance our economy so that it works for people, rather than just people working for the economy.

“This overtime effectively represents a cut to the wages of working people across Scotland. It also reveals how desperately understaffed some of or our key public services are.

“We should be looking to strengthen the working time directive by ending the opt out.

“Instead under the SNP and the Tories, workers are doing more hours on unpaid overtime while the incomes of the richest soar.

“That is not an economy working for the many, it is one rewarding a privileged few.”

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