Scottish Crime Survey: One In Four Workers Face Verbal And Violent Abuse

Unions and politicians have raised serious concerns over new figures from the Scottish Crime and Justice Survey that reveal shocking levels of abuse for workers in Scotland.

The survey showed that nearly one in four workers faced verbal abuse, and one in twelve was violently attacked in 2016 and 2017. You can read the full survey report here.

Responding to the survey, Scottish Labour’s Justice Spokesperson Daniel Johnson MSP said these figures highlight the need for his Members Bill which would give extra protections to workers who deal with the public on a regular basis. Shop and hospitality workers are particularly at risk.

Mr Johnson added:

“Violence and abuse at work is unacceptable – wherever you work, whatever the circumstance. It is never ‘just part of the job’. But these figures show too many Scots are experiencing violence and abuse while at work.

“Bar staff are particularly vulnerable given they often have to ask for identification when selling alcohol. That can trigger violence and abuse, and those staff deserve extra protection.

“My Member’s Bill aims to give those staff the extra protection they deserve and I am urging as many people as possible to respond to the consultation before April 20.”

Unite Hospitality also sounded the alarm over the survey results, with their Scottish organiser Bryan Simpson pulling no punches:

"We know from our members across the Scottish economy that abuse from customers is becoming more and more common - particularly in the hospitality sector where employers appear less and less equipped or even willing to protect workers from verbal or physical assault. We will be working with our members, progressive employers, and politicians to bring about workplace policies which pro-actively protect workers from things like verbal abuse and sexual harassment.”   

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