Scottish Government slammed for extending fracking licenses

The Scottish Government has extended fracking licences for an extra year, including to INEOS, the firm that took them to court over the phony fracking ban.

The onshore petroleum exploration and development licence has been granted to explore fracking potential throughout most of Central Scotland. The licences were due to expire last month. 

Speaking to Energy Voice, the primary news website of the energy sector in Scotland, Friends of the Earth Scotland’s Head of Campaigns Mary Church said:

”Extending this license risks adding to the confusion caused by INEOS’s recent legal challenge, and only increases the pressure on the Scottish Government to move forward with its decision making process, legislate to ban fracking and draw a line under this issue for good."

Labour Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Environment and Climate Change Claudia Beamish called the move a ‘deeply concerning development’, and slammed the SNP for being caught out lying over the fracking ban in court. She added:

“Now we learn ministers are extending the license for extensive fracking in the central belt, while finalising business and environmental assessments. That is unacceptable and sends completely the wrong message to concerned communities and to clean renewables companies about the future intentions of the Scottish Government on fracking.

“The uncertainty has gone on for far too long - Scotland doesn’t need or want another fossil fuel  - for our planet or for our people. This decision should be urgently reviewed.”

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