Scottish Labour loses Glasgow South West selection case

The Court of Session has ruled against Scottish Labour over the procedure of the Glasgow South West selection contest.

Asim Khan has won his case against Scottish Labour over the ‘freeze date’, which limited the number of members who could vote, as per Labour’s rule that members have to pay dues for six-months before they are given a vote in internal party selections.

The Court found that Scottish Labour was in breach of contract in not allowing members to vote, boosting Khan’s chance in the seat. But Khan may still struggle due to previous allegations about his conduct at a charity in a prior employment tribunal.

It is possible the contest will be suspended, pending a decision by the Scottish Executive Committee and General Secretary.

But in a response to The Red Robin a Scottish Labour Party spokesperson said that:

"Labour accepts the ruling and will not be pursuing this case further.”

This means that the new freeze date will be the 4th of May, and therefore an additional 80 members will be entitled to vote.

Previously Labour have appealed attempts to use the courts to oversee internal democratic procedures, as in 2016 where the UK Court of Appeal overturned a similar ruling, which would have allowed 130,000 Labour members to vote in the 2016 Leadership election.

The Glasgow South West selection has pitted previous candidate, Matt Kerr against Asim Khan. The contentious election is over which candidate will seek to contest the seat for Labour in the next election, after Kerr narrowly missed out by 60 votes in 2017.

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