Exclusive: Scottish Labour's lead Euro candidate makes case on eve of poll

Writing exclusively for The Red Robin before voters head to the polls, the UK's longest serving MEP makes the case for a Labour vote across the UK. 

I have travelled the length and breadth of this country during this election campaign.

Communities across Scotland are looking for change.

They want an end to austerity, more support for our NHS and real action to tackle the climate emergency that threatens the future of our planet.

There is only one party standing on a platform to heal the divides in this country, and that is Labour. 

Labour MEPs will work with our socialist and progressive comrades across Europe to tackle the big issues of our time. 

We will stand up to global corporations who will not pay their fair share of tax and defend common workers’ rights across the continent so people get a fair deal at work.

It is simply wrong for workers in corporations to be forced to pay their taxes every payday but for their employers to avoid giving their fair share.

And that is why we back action across Europe on climate change. Our planet faces a climate emergency and no country standing alone will face it up to it. We need to work together.

The polls show only Labour is the party that can beat Nigel Farage and his Brexit Party on the 23rd of May at the ballot box.

A win for Farage and his cronies would help him legitimise his politics of hate, fear and scapegoating as legitimate.

A Labour victory will send this snake oil salesman packing.

We need to stand united as a country for our values of cooperation, internationalism and fairness.

Use your vote in the European Parliament election today to back Labour, our nation's values and to defeat Farage.

Together, united we are stronger.

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