Scottish Parliament votes to reject Boris Johnson’s EU exit bill

MSPs at Holyrood have voted by 92  votes to 29 to withhold consent from Boris Johnson’s planned deal to take the UK out of the EU.


Under devolution, legislation from the UK Government affecting devolved competencies is required for receive consent.


Despite MSPs voicing their opposition, there is no legal constraint to stop Boris Johnson’s government proceeding against the wishes of devolved parliaments.


The Scottish Government’s Brexit Secretary Mike Russell said the legislation was “offensive” to Scottish democracy,


He said it was at odds with the “outward looking and internationalist values so many right across the UK hold dear.”


The Scottish Tory group were the only party to vote to give consent, with MSP Adam Tomkins apparently conforming the UK Government would proceed in spite on objections from devolved parliaments.


Opening the debate for Scottish Labour, Scottish Labour spokesperson for Brexit and the Constitution Alex Rowley said:


“ There is very real prospect of crashing out at the end of the year and it is now certain that at a minimum we are heading for a hard, damaging Brexit.


“We also have to be honest, and make clear, that while Brexit will now happen, it will not be over with for a very long time.


“Those that voted for the Tory Party under the premise that they will “Get Brexit Done” have been sold a mistruth.


Get Brexit done” might well have fooled many but what is clear is that Brexit and its consequences are going to impact on working people for many years indeed decades to come.


“We know there is a very real desire of the Tory Party to seek trade deals with Donald Trump.


“Trade deals that could see the prospect of our NHS opened up to US markets, sub-standard food flooding the UK and the Trump administration has stated it does not want climate change mentioned at all in any UK-US Deal.


“I do not believe this is really the kind of deal that people want to happen. A deal that threatens our national institutions and puts profit ahead of protecting our environment.


“It is for these reasons, and more, that Scotland must be at the table as an equal partner in any and all negotiations that take place about future arrangement of the UK that impact on Scotland post-Brexit.”

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