Scottish Parties unite to oppose Tory Brexit Deal

Labour, the SNP, Greens and Liberal Democrats have all said they will table a motion in Holyrood opposing the Prime Minister's Withdrawal agreement.

In a rare show of cross-party unity, all the parties in the Scottish Parliament aside from the Conservatives have agreed to oppose Theresa May's Brexit deal, and any 'No Deal' scenario.

In a joint statement, spokespeople from the four parties stated: “We have been in discussion regarding a single motion for the debate next week which would be agreed by the four parties and would represent what we hope will be the overwhelming view of the Scottish Parliament."

“We are now confident that we can agree on such a motion which will reject a “No Deal” scenario, recommend rejection of the Prime Minister’s negotiated agreement and point the way towards the alternatives that exist. "

“The day after the Prime Minister’s stage-managed visit to Scotland, during which she failed to engage with any politicians or individuals who oppose her proposals, this unique and positive cooperation between four of the five parties at Holyrood indicates Scotland’s strength of feeling on Brexit and the Prime Minister’s untenable position as well as illustrating the isolation of the Tories on this matter.”

Although the Scottish Parliament cannot amend or oppose legislation at reserved matters at Westminster, the motion shows the strength of feeling at Holyrood that Scottish views on Brexit have been ignored.

In 2016, Scotland voted in favour of the UK staying in the EU by 62 percent to 38 percent, while according to a poll commissioned by pro-EU group Best for Britain 70 percent of Scots would now back staying in the European Union in a fresh vote.

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