Scottish Tories slammed for customs union vote

The 13 Scottish Tories at Westminster have been slammed after voting down an amendment that would have secured customs union membership.

Critics pointed out that the majority of these MPs, and the Scottish Conservative Leader Ruth Davidson, had supported a remain vote during the referendum and had called for a softer Brexit after the General Election last year.

The amendment would have guaranteed membership of the customs union if the government failed to negotiate a free trade area with the European Union by January next year. Opponents claimed that such a deal would prevent the UK from ‘striking free trade deals’ with other countries, but proponents pointed out that the vast majority of the UK trade is with the EU.

Commenting on Scottish Tories voting against the UK remaining in a Customs Union with the EU, Lesley Laird said:

“This just further compounds what we already knew - that Ruth Davidson’s pledge that her MPs would stand up for Scotland was nothing short of a lie.

“At every step they have been nothing short of lobby fodder for Theresa May and Ruth Davidson has done absolutely nothing about it.

“The Government have a majority of 13 and there are 13 Scottish Tories. The vote was lost by four. The fact that they have no backbone and are unwilling to do what’s in the best interests of the country tells you everything you need to know.”

Scottish Tory MPs were also questioned on whether their Brexit strategy was directed by Theresa May or Ruth Davidson, with Aberdeen South MP Ross Thomson stating that: "I don't clear anything with anybody, thank you".

Thomson, the most prominent Brexiteer among the Scottish Tories has called for the Chequers agreement to be significantly altered, but backed the government on crucial votes yesterday.

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