SEC election results announced with mixed results across the regions

The "moderate" slate picked up two seats in Glasgow and Central Scotland after working hard to win votes, whilst the left slate won both seats available in North East Scotland and the Highlands and Islands

Scottish Labour members have largely stuck to the form of previous contests, electing one candidate from the left and moderate slates respectively in two out of the four regions. In Glasgow and Central Scotland, where the moderate candidates ran a tough race with a member-wide mail out costing thousands, Suzan King and James Adams beat the left endorsed candidates including Stephen Low.

Former MSP Cara Hilton, endorsed by the left, won comfortably in Mid Scotland and Fife and will join Johanna Baxter - who beat left-winger Liam Thomson by only a handful of votes.

Edinburgh university rector Ann Henderson topped the poll in the Lothians and South of Scotland, and will return to the new SEC group alongside popular Edinburgh councillor Professor Scott Arthur, whose approach has succesfully won support across the party.

An insider from the Campaign for Socialism slate told The Red Robin that the vote was a "strong result" for the left of Scottish Labour: "This is a strong result for a left wing that has taken an unfair battering from the press over Brexit and internal party affairs.

"Our opponents spent thousands of pounds in order to wipe us out, but they did not succeed. Real change is coming to the Scottish Labour party - and the clear majority for left wing candidates across Scotland confirms that."

The grouping were particularly pleased to see both their candidates in the North East and Highland and Islands returned, including the young left-winger Lina Nass who is a student activist at Aberdeen university.

The vote will leave the SEC with roughly the same balance it had previously, with a majority for the left once votes from the trade unions and other SEC representatives are included.

Turnout across Scotland was lower than some had hoped, but matched previous internal contests with an average of around 32 per cent across the regions.

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