Shona Robison Should ‘Consider Her Position’ Over NHS Scandal

Scottish Labour’s health spokesperson Anas Sarwar has called for Health secretary Shona Robison to ‘consider her position’ over the Tayside NHS scandal.

Controversy erupted after it was revealed that Tayside NHS had pilfered more than £2 million from a charitable trust to pay for a new computer system. Robison has now sacked the head of the trust, but critics say that ultimately the buck stops with her. Scottish Labour has demanded an investigation into the incident by the charities regulator, and has called for an urgent review of the funding arrangements of all local health boards in Scotland.

Mr Sarwar is not the only one who thinks she should go. A poll in her own local newspaper The Courier shows that 75% of Robison’s constituents think the same way.

Mr Sarwar said:

“Patients across Scotland are growing used to SNP Health Secretary Shona Robison’s mismanagement of the NHS meaning missed waiting times. 

“But they will not stand for missing millions from charity funds under her watch.

“She should immediately apologise to the families who donated money in good faith - and explain when the SNP Government will properly fund NHS Tayside.

“This scandal took place on her watch, in her own backyard. It is absolutely essential there is a full and swift investigation by OSCR, as well as a national probe to reassure the public this is not going on elsewhere.

"If she thinks simply sacking a chairman she herself appointed just two years ago will resolve this scandal, she is not just incompetent but negligent.

“SNP Health Secretary Shona Robison cannot wash her hands of the scandal at NHS Tayside. It is her responsibility and, if she had any sense of decency, should be considering her own position.”

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