FMQs Sketch: Questions from the First Minister?


After jetsetting around the world, Nicola Sturgeon returned to Holyrood with questions of her own

Presiding Officer Ken Macintosh kicked off FMQs after MSPs returned from their holidays with an appeal for shorter questions and shorter answers. Nicola Sturgeon appeared to take the advice, returning to usual form and responding swiftly to any queries on her government's work with her preferred questions.

Council funding was top of the bill for Richard Leonard with the SNP government's proposed budget expected to pass today with £230 million worth of cuts to local authorities. Sturgeon applauded kids in Argyle and Bute who are protesting cuts to their local youth services, but her admiration didn't quite extend to Richard Leonard as she scorned him for raising their plight.

The "facts were clear", despite councils across the country reportedly planning deep cuts to education services, Sturgeon claimed her spreadsheet simply said something different. If Leonard didn't like it, he could even re-write his own she said.

It really is that easy.

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