SNP educational scheme will train just 85 new GPs

The SNP’s flagship training scheme for new doctors has come under fire, after it emerged that the government is only paying for 85 spots for aspirant GPs. 

At present, Scotland’s NHS is suffering from a lack of new doctors entering the profession, with the number of medical places drastically below replacement levels. 

Under the SNP’s plans, the number of places will be increased by 2021 from 848 to 1038, still far below the level needed to fully staff local GP surgeries. 

Scottish Labour’s Health Spokesperson, Anas Sarwar, said: “Of course Scottish Labour welcomes any investment in our NHS.  But the reality is that after more than a decade in power the SNPs legacy on our heath service is creating a workforce crisis.

“This is yet another sticking plaster solution by an SNP government is putting Nationalism before our National Health Service.

“The Royal College of GPs estimate that Scotland will be short of 856 GPs by 2021, this scheme will deliver at best just 85 new doctors.

“Scotland needs far more GPs to keep local surgeries open to give people the care they need.

“Our NHS is stumbling from crisis to crisis. The interim A&E waiting time target has not been met in nearly a year, experts warned this week that radiology services are ‘starting to crumble’ and it was revealed 130,000 Scots have waited longer than the SNP’s flagship legal treatment time guarantee for conditions such as knee and eye operations.

“Many of these problems have worsened under Health Secretary Shona Robison’s watch and she has lost credibility with staff and patients who deserve better . It’s time she did the decent thing and go.”

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