SNP failing on key NHS standards - Sarwar

The Scottish government has missed 11 out of 19 NHS standards, including waiting times, cancer detection and A&E delays, with performance down on 2017 in key areas.

Local Delivery Plan Standards are priorities that are set and agreed between the Scottish Government and NHS boards to provide assurance on NHS Scotland performance. An independent review of the standards was carried out and concluded last year, with a number of recommendations.

In her programme for government, Nicola Sturgeon promised that a waiting times improvement plan will be published later this month.

Anas Sarwar said that the findings pointed to a "year of failure" by the Scottish government.

"These failures are despite the tremendous efforts of our NHS staff, who have been let down by Nicola Sturgeon and her ministers." he said.

“Behind every failed standard are thousands of patients who have been let down, many of whom are desperate for treatment and are left in pain and anxiety. It simply isn’t good enough."

The findings come as official delayed discharge figures for 2017/18 showed 1 in 13 beds in Scottish NHS hospitals are currently in use by patients who do not require their use.

Labour has said that the failure to abolish delayed discharges has cost the Scottish NHS £125m during the period in question.

Sarwar added: “Hundreds of patients each month are languishing unnecessarily in hospital beds when they could be receiving appropriate care at home.

“The vast majority of these patients are aged over 75. The failure to properly tackle the social care crisis and delays in care assessments – the result of the SNP government’s £1.5bn cut to council budgets – are causing this multi-million-pound scandal.”

Health Secretary Jeane Freeman defended the SNP's record, and said the numbers were down 9 percent on last year.

She said: "The integration of health and social care will enable us to make long-term, sustainable progress to reduce the level of delayed discharge.

“I have already made clear that one of my main priorities as Health Secretary is to increase the pace of this reform so that more people can benefit.

"To support integration, we have transferred nearly half a billion pounds from the NHS into social care and integration in this financial year, and the health budget will increase by almost £2bn by the end of this Parliament."

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