SNP Met Cambridge Analytica ‘Over Brexit’

After Scottish servers were seized yesterday in connection with the Cambridge Analytica scandal, reports in the Sunday Times have alleged that the SNP met with Cambridge Analytica in order to hire their services in the EU referendum - and even more shockingly, that this was in favour of a Leave vote.


While the SNP strenuously deny the allegations in the Times, they have refused to say exactly why they met with Cambridge Analytica, but have claimed that they thought they were a ‘bunch of cowboys’ and didn’t use their services.

The SNP campaigned publicly for a remain vote in the EU referendum, though have been criticised for what some perceive as a lack of effort. They spent less in the entire campaign than on a single by-election in Glenrothes.

With regards to the SNP’s support for remain, the Chairman of Cambridge Analytica’s parent group SCL allegedly said that “No they don’t, they want another [independence] referendum, because if we get out, they get a chance at another referendum . . . They won’t say that publicly, but they want us to leave, so they can get another independence vote.”

This follows reports that the party’s chief executive, and Nicola Sturgeon’s husband, Peter Murrell, has been summoned to Westminster to face a grilling by SNP MPs over the way the party has handled the allegations. The party response when the news broke was extremely slow, with MPs left in the dark for hours.

Responding to the latest developments, Scottish Labour campaigns spokesperson Neil Findlay said:

“The SNP must answer basic questions over its dealings with Cambridge Analytica.

“On Thursday Nicola Sturgeon finally admitted that the SNP met with the firm in February 2016, months before the Holyrood elections. However we now see claims that it was actually about the EU referendum in June.

“Claims that the SNP secretly wanted a Leave vote are astonishing. Many people in Scotland already believe that the SNP is desperate to use Brexit as a platform to kick-start another independence referendum.

“The SNP could clear up this mess right now by disclosing who attended this meeting and any documentation associated with it.”

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