SNP MP on vote that brought in Thatcher: I’d do it again

Tommy Sheppard has been slammed after claiming in a parliamentary debate that the SNP were right to bring down the 1979 Labour government, and claimed that if he were given the choice: ‘I’d do it again.’

Sheppard, who has been the MP for Edinburgh East since 2015, has generally presented himself as being on the left wing of the SNP. He was trounced in the party’s 2016 Depute Leadership Election, coming in 25 points behind the winner.

He made the remarks during a debate on Scotland’s place in the union, after Labour warned that Tory failure has pushed the union to the brink.

Danielle Rowley, the MP for Midlothian - a constituency which suffered severely thanks to Thatcher’s decision to close the mines - slammed Sheppard for his remarks:

“Just a few weeks ago I attended the Durham Miners Gala where communities from across the country which were directly affected by Thatcher's war on the miners gathered to show their spirit was unbroken.

"That annual show of solidarity makes no distinction between a pit village in Midlothian or one in South Yorkshire and shows just how utterly removed from reality the SNP's parochial policies are.

"Working people will never forget the consequences of the Nationalists voting with the Tories in 1979. It was a shameful act then and the idea that their elected representatives continue to defend the indefensible is quite disgraceful."

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