SNP spent more on Shetland by-election than EU referendum

The SNP spent thousands more on their unsuccessful Shetland by-election campaign than they did on EU referendum campaigning, records show.

Nicola Sturgeon and other senior cabinet and party figures were dispatched to the island en masse, with spending returns indicating they spent £98,958.

The Herald reported that the SNP spent just 13 per cent of its legal limit in the 2016 Euro referendum, around £91,000.

Labour MP Ian Murray said the figures confirmed that the SNP doesn't care about stopping Brexit:  “Nicola Sturgeon has always seen the vote to leave the EU as nothing but an opportunity to break up the UK.

“She doesn’t really care about the impact of Brexit on the most vulnerable in the rest of the UK – all she cares about is independence. Ms Sturgeon didn’t even mention a People’s Vote on Brexit in her keynote conference speech.

“You don’t solve the problems of Brexit through Scexit.

“While the SNP fails to campaign for a People’s Vote on Brexit, my priority is working tirelessly to build a parliamentary majority to give the people of the UK a final say and the opportunity to remain in the EU.”

Despite Shetland being a safe seat for the Liberal Democrats, the SNP had hoped for a shock win.

Reacting to the news, Lib Dem MP Alistair Caemichael claimed the SNP saw Brexit as a "golden opportunity" to push independence at the price of our country's well-being".



Image: The SNP

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