SNP won't debate Brexit or IndyRef 2 date at conference

In moves that have upset grassroots SNP members, the party won't debate any motions on the timing of a new independence referedum, or the SNP's stance on Brexit.

Despite thousands of pro-independence supporters marching through Edinburgh prior to SNP conference tomorrow, party bosses have been hesitant to let party members debate either the Nationalists stance on a second European or independence referendum.

The party had received two motions from local SNP branches, but none made the cut to the final conference agenda.

Instead the conference is due to debate motions on the party's migration policy and child tax credits.

Even the SNP's Growth Commission is absent from the conference agenda, which had led SNP Councillor Christopher McEleny to complain: “How can we not be debating the biggest contribution to the independence case since 2014?".

Sunday's meeting is set to be dominated by discussion over the SNP's internal constitutional changes, with proponents of democratisation of the party looking to include more of the members who joined on the back of the independence referendum.

Sturgeon has faced discontent among her own parliamentarians over her hesitancy to decide the date of the next independence referendum, with several malcontents making criticisms of the party's direction on Alex Salmond's RT program.

“The quicker we get independence the better." said SNP MP, Angus Brendan MacNeil to Salmond, piling on the pressure on the First Minister.

“We need independence as urgently as possible so we can get Scotland back up to the top echelons of economic performance.”

“The advice [to the SNP leadership] is obvious: get yourselves on a footing for the independence referendum, use the mandate that the Scottish government has due to the Euro referendum of 2016 and remember, David Cameron stamped all over the Scottish election by insisting he held his European referendum over that same campaign period."

Former SNP MP Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh, added: “The debate in the SNP is concentrated on how quickly to push forward on another independence referendum. The activist base is champing at the bit, but the leadership is more cautious, fearing that a second defeat could finish the cause for the foreseeable future."

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