SNP talk the talk but don't walk the walk

Later, she allegedly received a call from the school’s depute head, who said she should not return and “would not get another job in Glasgow”.

The council had sent out guidance to staff on the eve of the action informing staff they “may face disciplinary action” if they opted to strike.

Commenting on Twitter Labour's Neil Findlay said, "The action in Glasgow is legitimate industrial action in pursuit of a long-standing grievance. This can only be resolved through proper negotiation.

Glasgow City Council should not be using anti-trade union laws to attack those showing solidarity with their fellow workers. The SNP Council must immediately withdraw any threats of legal action."

Michael Russell, the SNP MSP, took to Twitter to attack the GMB.

A Labour insider said, "The anti union rhetoric used by senior people in the SNP and the use of Thatcherite anti trade union laws to threaten trade unions and workers as a result of council trade unionists expressing solidarity with their fellow workers has exposed the anti-worker nature of the SNP. They try to be all things to all people but sooner or later you have to make clear whose side your on and sadly The women of Glasgow City Council now know that the SNP are not on theirs.  They may try to talk left but when push comes to shove they act right”

“Using Tory anti-trade union laws to attack working people is something that the people of Glasgow should never ever forget"

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