Richard Leonard shows solidarity with striking Glasgow workers

Richard Leonard and Jeremy Corbyn said on Twitter today:

The First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and online SNP activists have spent the day trying to blame Labour for the Glasgow women equal pay strike.

Sturgeon said on Twitter:

Richard Leonard apologised in February for any role Labour had in the debacle.

He said, "The real battle we must fight to close the gender pay gap must begin with those low paid women workers. Those care workers, cleaners, cashiers, clerical and catering workers whose work must be properly valued and properly rewarded.

"And so I am pleased that we are now on the right side of the argument with equal pay in Glasgow City Council. Many equal pay claims were settled under Labour in Glasgow, but there was too much resistance, too much legal obstruction and for that I think we owe those women an apology".

A Labour insider said, "Nicola Sturgeon’s intervention today really is a sad example of petty party politics. The reality is Richard Leonard has changed Scottish Labour and he will always stand alongside workers in struggle - their fight will always be his fight. Nicola Sturgeon should stop trying to score political points and instead use her power and role as First Minister to once and for all sort this situation and give those council workers the just deal they are entitled to". 

Richard Leonard responded to Sturgeon's tweet by saying:


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