Sources close to Jeremy Corbyn call Gardiner speculation ‘utter nonsense’

Sources close to Jeremy Corbyn have denied rumours that Barry Gardiner is going to depart this Autumn.

Speculation began following publication in this morning’s London Playbook briefing by Jack Blanchard in Politico, where he stated that:

“A very well-placed source tells Playbook that cult favorite Barry Gardiner, the shadow international trade secretary, is being lined up for the chop this autumn. One to watch.”

When the Red Robin reached out to sources close to Jeremy Corbyn, this rumour was flat out denied, and described as ‘utter nonsense’. There was a strong implication that whoever was spreading the rumour was not quite as well placed as they had made out.

Barry Gardiner became a ‘cult favourite’ during last year’s General Election following a spirited tour of TV studios defending the Labour Party’s manifesto. His brutal takedown of a Tory over school breakfast cuts earned him the moniker of ‘The People’s Gardiner’.

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