Splits at the top of the SNP over second Brexit vote

Senior SNP MP, Pete Wishart, has launched a broadside at Nicola Sturgeon's support for a second Brexit vote, claiming it would leave Scotland's "national view ignored and disrespected all over again”.

He made the remarks in a column in the pro-independence newspaper, The National, after Strugeon announced that SNP MPs would back a "People's Vote" on the final Brexit deal in parliament.

The MP for Perth and North Perthshire said he had “big concerns about supporting a second Brexit vote” if Scotland had no veto over the final result.

He added “To say that we will sign up to a referendum without any guarantee that our Scottish national voice will be at least acknowledged is little more than an open invitation to have our national view ignored and disrespected all over again."

“We are simply inviting all the indignities we are currently enduring to be replicated and refreshed.”

Mr. Wishart also warned that it could undermine a push towards a second independence referedum, in stark contrast to the First Minister's position.

“The few Tories likely to vote in favour will be swamped by the number of Labour MPs who believe that the ‘result must be respected’ even if the Labour front bench could be tempted to support it."

“We could be presenting all sorts of risks to a future independence referendum for nothing.”

The comments point to increasing rifts at the top of the Scottish National Part over their view towards a vote on the Brexit terms.

Former SNP Deputy leader, Jim Sillars recently warned that there had been a "lack of leadership" at the top of the SNP, and said that Sturgeon had been "very foolish" to back a second referedum.

“Once you say that the Brexit vote wasn’t definitive, you’re opening the door to people saying the same thing about a future Scottish vote on independence." he added.

In response an SNP spokesman said: “We have made it clear that we would push strongly for any second EU referendum to have safeguards to ensure Scotland’s voice is protected in the event of Scotland voting remain again while the UK as a whole voted to leave."

“Scotland’s overwhelming vote to remain in 2016 – by far the most decisive vote of any of the UK nations – has been completely ignored, which underlines how Westminster completely fails to represent or protect Scotland’s vital national interests.”

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