Sturgeon Endorses Attack Comparing Jeremy Corbyn to Putin and Trump

Nicola Sturgeon was met by a chorus of criticism after retweeting a screenshot from an article by centre-right commentator Chris Deerin in which he compared Jeremy Corbyn to Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump.

In article praising the First Minister, Deerin said:

“There are periods when this flight into imagination becomes more than usually essential to mental hygiene – now, for example, in the time of Brexit, Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Jeremy Corbyn and the rest. In fiction, the baddies usually get their comeuppance, and often a smack on the jaw for good measure. In real life, they win elections and referendums and poison people and cultures.”

The fact that Trump and Putin are right-wing authoritarians presiding over an expansion in military force and a crackdown on civil liberties, whereas Jeremy Corbyn is a left-winger in opposition, seemed to be lost on Deerin.

A Scottish Labour source suggested that the First Minister should apologise, saying:

“It is ridiculous to suggest that a man of Jeremy’s integrity who has fought injustice and human rights abuses all his political life should be mentioned in the same breath as Putin or Trump. Nicola Sturgeon should not be giving this smear any credibility and it is very disappointing that she has seen fit to do so.”



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