Sunday Paper Review: Federalism, Council Cuts, and Arms Sales

Richard Leonard’s constitutional plans for a Federalised UK have made the front page of the Sunday Herald, after splitting the Scottish parties, with the Liberal Democrats in favour, whilst the SNP, Greens and part of the Tories against. 

In an interview with the Herald, Leonard had laid out Scottish Labour’s plans for overhauling regional and devolved government across Britain, and to replace the unelected House of Lords with an elected upper-house with strong regional representation. 

Labour has promised a “constitutional convention” under Ed Miliband, which would look forward to a future constitutional settlement after the 2014 Scottish Independence referendum. 

The Scotland on Sunday runs with the story of further council cuts, particularly the effects of reduced funding to youth arts and music.

A Sunday Post investigation has found that an arms company in Scotland has been receiving millions of pounds from Scottish Enterprise, at the same time as it has been producing laser targeting for Turkish military jets involved in the Syrian conflict in Afrin. 

The Sunday Mail says two Canadian firms were hired by the Yes campaign to micro-target Facebook users in the run-up to the 2014 referendum, widening the fallout over the Cambridge Analytica story earlier in the month.

UK Government Ministers are warning of laws to punish social media firms that allows breaches of age limits, reports the Sunday Telegraph. They also report that GCHQ has claimed that it would be unable to stop Russian cyber attacks in the UK, in a joint statement with the FBI.

The Sunday Times Scotland reports that the SNP is under increasing pressure for transparency in its historic dealings with Cambridge Analytica after reports arose that the party had met with the data-harvesting firms during the 2016 EU referendum.

Online, Politics Home has covered Emily Thornberry’s calls for Amber Rudd to take responsibility for the Windrush scandal and resign, in comments on the Andrew Marr show this morning. 

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