Sunday Paper Review: Police Scotland Under Scrutiny

In what would normally be a slow news day, there’s plenty going on in the papers this Sunday. Notably Police Scotland is coming under pressure as a raft of negative stories about the force have been published by several different papers, adding to the body’s recent mauling in the press, five years after it’s formation.



The Herald reports that Police Scotland has been implicated in a massive phone hacking operation, harvesting vast quantities of data from the general public.

The Sunday Mail carries the story of the condemnation of Police Scotland by Rape Crisis Scotland over it’s treatment of a rape victim who was arrested for wasting police time, whilst the alleged perpetrator was released.

The Courier reports that the Holyrood justice committee will review the decision to merge Scotland’s police regions into a single force, and whether local councils still have a measure of oversight over the force, which had been promised after it’s formation.

Elsewhere Brexit continues to dominate much of the national papers, with the countdown towards the exit date now less than one year. 

The Sunday Telegraph has attacked four Electoral Commission members for previously having made pro-Remain statements, causing Conservative MPs to question their impartially on the EU Referendum result. 

In contrast, the story at the The Observer is Brexit’s implication on the manufacturing industry, with the paper alleging that a fifth of firms are planning to lay off workers due to Brexit’s economic impact.

Online, PoliticsHome runs with the replacement of Christina Shawcroft on Labour’s ruling NEC body with Eddie Izzard.

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