Sunday Paper Review: Sturgeon pressed on a second referendum

SNP and Tory divisions over the EU dominate the papers today, as the Scottish Government also seeks to burnish their credentials on defence.


The news that Sir Alex Ferguson has had an emergency operation for a suspected brain haemorrhage is the top story of most of the Scottish newspapers this Sunday, with the Sunday Mail, Post and Sun making it their frontpage news.

The Herald’s main story concerns splits in the Scottish National Party, over the emphasis that the party has been giving to an independence referendum prior to a second Brexit Referendum.

A former special advisor to the Scottish Government, Noel Dolan, called for the SNP to take a harder stance on holding a second referendum to stop Brexit, joining a group of senior SNP figures who have publicly stated that they believe the SNP’s priority should be on keeping Scotland in the European Union, rather than independence.

At present, the SNP has put more emphasis on remaining in the single market, rather than overturning the result of the 2016 Referendum altogether.

Meanwhile, the Scotman reports that the SNP seeks to burnish their credentials on defence, with the party planning on taking a more belligerent stance on Russia, and arguing for increased spending on the RAF and Royal Navy in the North Sea.

Nationally, the Trump administration’s approach to the Iranian Nuclear deal comes under scrutiny from the Observer and Telegraph. Opposition to the deal formed a large part of Trump’s foreign policy platform during his election campaign, and is backed by the hawkish Israeli leader, Benjamin Netanyahu, but most NATO members want to keep the deal in place, with French President Macron arguing strongly to keep the agreement, which limits the Iranian government to only using their nuclear facilities for civil purposes.

The Telegraph also runs the story that 60 Tory Brexiteers have threatened to vote against Theresa May’s preferred customs partnership plan, with hardline Brexiteers in the ‘European Research Group’ warning that if the government ignores them it faces “collapse”.

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