Sweeney blasts disability cuts worth £56 million

Scottish Labour MP Paul Sweeney slammed the Tories cuts to disability payments in Westminister today, as figures reveal Glasgow to be hardest hit by the move.

The Ferret yesterday ran an exposé on the scale of cutbacks aimed at people with disabilities in Scotland. The hardest hit constituencies include Sweeney's own Glasgow North East, along with Glasgow East, and Glasgow South West, who are all set to lose around £2 million in support.

The cuts have come about after the claimants 'failed' the DWP assessments. Meanwhile, Unite Community has repeatedly demonstrated that around 80% of all appeals are upheld if pursued with enough support, casting doubt on to the integrity of the system.

Speaking in Westminster, Shadow Scotland Minister Sweeney said:

“How much more evidence does this government need that the Universal Credit and PIP system is not fit for purpose? It is not just the case that this calamitous Cabinet has no reverse gear – it appears that it has no steering wheel either.

“There has been ample opportunity to avoid many of these issues but the Tories seem determined not to learn from the bitter experience of claimants.

“The annual loss to disabled people in my constituency alone is £2million. That is not small change. It is the difference between being able to live in dignity and facing destitution.

“This is the appalling reality of what the Tories have done in creating a hostile environment for those in our communities who are most in need of help.

“With Universal Credit full service being rolled out in Glasgow North East from October I am deeply concerned that these problems are only going to get worse.”

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