Teachers Tell Swinney To Get Serious On Pay

The Educational Institute of Scotland, Scotland’s largest teaching union, has called on John Swinney to ensure a fair pay increase, and have started a grassroots mail in campaign directed at the Education minister to make sure he gets the message.

Teachers in Scotland have suffered a real term pay cut of 20% in the last decade, while most other OECD countries have seen real pay rise. An initial pay raise offer of 2-3%, which after taking inflation account would be almost zero, was rejected. No further offers have been made by the Scottish government, but the EIS is demanding at least 10%.

Commenting, EIS General Secretary Larry Flanagan said,

“It is clear to the EIS that the Scottish Government and, in particular, the Cabinet Secretary for Education will require to play an active role in ensuring a fair pay settlement for Scotland’s teachers. While discussions are continuing via the SNCT, and the EIS is continuing to negotiate in good faith, the lack of any tangible progress is becoming increasingly frustrating for teachers.

“The salaries of Scotland’s teachers have been cut, in real terms, by over 20% during the past decade. This has led to a growing problem in teacher recruitment and retention in schools right across Scotland. In order to address this issue, it is now time for local authorities and the Scottish Government to play fair on teachers’ pay.”

The Scottish Government has the revenue raising powers to bring fair pay back to the whole of the public sector. Recent polling by the Red Robin showed that a clear plurality of Scottish voters back a wealth tax. It’s time for the Government to be old and reverse a decade of austerity, not just for teachers but everyone.

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